opportunità di lavoro

Eurac Research is an interdisciplinary research center located in Bolzano, Italy.

The candidate will be the main researcher in the framework of an Euregio Project Science Fund INTERFACE, aimed at coupling ground-based eddy-covariance tower measurements with data from high-res sensors hosted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platform. The information will be input in numerical simulations for Atmosferic Boundary-layer modelling over complex terrain.


  • To set up a sensing system, collecting high-frequency Temperature/Relative Humidity, Solar Radiation and 3D Wind Speed/Direction, as well as GNSS implementing Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction for precise georeferencing of the measurements
  • To integrate a pre-processing unit for multi-sensor data acquisition and data transmission;
    To assess the best mounting of the sensor system on Eurac’s UAV platform, in order not to be impaired (especially the anemometers) from the rotors operation during the flight by developing a fluid dynamic perturbation model
  • To test and verify the model under simulated and supervised conditions, to be conducted within the terraXcube facility
  • To study/modelling of the effects that a non-inertial framework (as the UAV is) have on the sensing significancy/accuracy
  • To participate in the outdoor field campaigns to validate the outcomes of the former tasks



  • PhD or proven equivalent education experience in Electronics Engineering, Electric Engineering, Automation and Control Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
  • In depth knowledge of Computational Fluid Dynamics principles
  • Good experience with FEM simulation/solvers tools
  • Good experience with data analysis and visualization
  • Experience of Lab-work (electronics lab)
  • Knowledge of the Desing of Experiment theory
  • Knowledge of basic prototyping principles
  • Knowledge of main programming languages like (Python, C/C++, Matlab)

Nice to have:

  • Experience with multidimensional signal processing (electronic read-out from sensors)
  • Knowledge in LinuxOS
  • Familiarity with COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Knowledge of Wolrfam Mathematica
  • Experience with wireless communication protocols
  • Experience with RTK GNSS systems
  • Experience with GIT environment for code repository/sharing
  • Driving licence (B)

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their application (CV, cover letter and further relevant documents) by 09.01.2023.

For further information visit https://eurac.onboard.org/jobs/WeDgjqGp?from_career_page=true.