seminari corsi meteorologia
Environmental Meteorology Seminar

Per la serie “Environmental Meteorology Seminar” segnaliamo il seminario di Andrea Zonato dal titolo “Turbulence modeling in the urban boundary layer over complex terrain: theory and applications” organizzato dall’Università di Trento giovedì 17 marzo 2022 alle 14:30.

Il seminario, principalmente dedicato agli studenti della Laurea Magistrale in Environmental Meteorology si terrà nell’aula 1P al DICAM Via Mesiano, 77, Trento. Gli interessati potranno partecipare anche via Zoom al link
Meeting ID: 854 7020 5697
Passcode: 966830

Turbulence modeling in the urban boundary layer over complex terrain: theory and applications

Abstract: This talk will present the basic theory and some applications of novel turbulence parameterizations for the planetary boundary layer, adopted to improve the simulation of processes over heterogeneous surfaces, such as urban areas and mountainous regions. First of all, the application of a novel parameterization for rooftop-based mitigation strategies (RMS) will be discussed and results from idealized simulations will be presented, with the aim to quantify the effect of RMS by means of thermal comfort for the citizens. Finally, the focus will be set on a new Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) closure, developed with the aim to improve the reproduction of atmospheric flows in presence of slopes and heterogeneous surfaces. Application to idealized and real cases will be shown, to demonstrate weaknesses of state-of-the-art closures and the improvements brought by the proposed PBL scheme.

Bio: Andrea Zonato is currently a Post-Doc researcher at the University of Trento (Italy), Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Atmospheric Physics Group. He received his BSc in Physics at the University of Padova in 2013, his MSc in Physics of the Earth System at the University of Bologna in 2016 and his Ph.D. at the University of Trento in 2021. His expertise is in mesoscale numerical modeling of the urban atmosphere and planetary boundary layer (PBL) in complex terrain.