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Post-dottorato all’Università de L’Aquila

Segnaliamo una posizione di post-dottorato presso l’Università degli Studi de L’Aquila su modelli di trasporto euleriani. Di seguito il testo informativo e, in fondo alla pagina, il link per consultare il Bando di Selezione.

Dear Met-jobs users,

I have the following postdoc position open for application at University of L'Aquila, Italy, for 1 year renewable for 1 year:

- Call:

- Application: https://pica.cineca.it/univaq/dsfc2022-a023/

- Deadline: Oct 29, 2022

- Title:  “Development and application of Eulerian chemistry and transport models for simulating the concentration of atmospheric aerosols on a global and regional scale, in order to estimate their chemical-physical and optical characteristics”

- Description: "The candidate will have to work on two research lines, linked to as many funded projects. The first concerns the study of the toxicity of atmospheric particulate matter in urban areas, the second the remote sensing of the chemical composition of the atmospheric aerosol from satellite observations. For both strands, the candidate will have to develop simulated atmospheric aerosol fields with models with variable spatial resolution depending on the application, validate the outputs of the models by comparison with available observations, develop regression models for estimating the oxidative potential of atmospheric particulate, estimate the optical properties from the simulated aerosol fields. The works are designed to contribute to two projects already underway, are based on the previous work of the local research unit both in terms of knowledge and software developed, and require interaction and collaboration with the other research units participating in the projects."

Please circulate the message to anyone who might be interested.

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