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1 posizione presso il Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC)

Segnaliamo una posizione disponibile presso il Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC):

Junior Scientist (scadenza 15 Gennaio 2023)

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The CMCC Foundation is a scientific research center on climate change and its interactions with the environment, the society, the world of business and policy makers.

Our work aims to stimulate sustainable growth, protect the environment and develop strategies for the adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

Our Division of Climate Simulation and Prediction (CSP) is looking for a new position of Junior Scientist, responsible to run CMCC climate simulations at the global scale and to improve climate science in the detection of Extreme Events (EE), including tropical cyclones, heatwaves (also marine heatwaves) as part of the activities of the CLINT and BLUADAPT EU projects. This is consistent with CSP activity as provider of climate projections and  EE analyses, useful for impacts studies, such as the detection of Extreme Events by imposing Machine Learning approaches to existing detection techniques/indices, in order to expand current knowledge on the complex relationships between EE and large-scale fields. Subseasonal to seasonal forecasts and long-term (centennial) climate projections are considered as time horizons.

The job location is CMCC CSP division in Bologna, Italy.

We are looking for a motivated person with the following requirements:

  • a PhD in scientific disciplines related to climate dynamics, possibly dealing with numerical modelling and/or extreme events;
  • minimum of 2 years working experience after the PhD;
  • very good knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems;
  • advanced skills in programming language (i.e Python and Fortran);
  • very good knowledge of the English language;
  • previous experience in climate modelling and handling of huge climate data-sets;
  • proven publication track record, will be particularly valued.

Belonging to legally protected categories (ex L. 68/99) will constitute a preferential condition.

Some fiscal benefit could be applied for repatriated workers or foreign researches/professors, having the requirements defined by Dlgs 147/2015 (for repatriates) or Dl 78/2010 (for foreigners).

We offer the opportunity to join our team through a temporary contract of n° 24 months starting from February 2022, with the possibility of contract extension based on performance, results achieved and new project opportunities.

Annual salary range is from 32 to 48K Euros, depending on qualification and experience.

This job announcement is a public invitation to express interest for the above mentioned CMCC Position.

notizie aisam
Youth Climate Meeting Emilia-Romagna

I giovani al centro della crisi

E in corso a Bologna il Youth Climate Meeting Emilia-Romagna, giornata promossa da Legambiente Emilia-Romagna e dedicata all’attivismo giovanile, a chiusura dei progetti Youth4Planet e Green

L’evento si tiene dalle 9:30 alle 17:30 al Centro Costa, in Via Azzo Gardino 44, Bologna

Nella mattinata è programmata una tavola rotonda sullo scambio di buone pratiche sull’attivismo
ambientale: così come il clima cambia, anche le forme e le pratiche dell’attivismo e del volontariato sono in costante mutamento, per questo è essenziale esserne a conoscenza. 

Nel pomeriggio invece si entra nel vivo della crisi climatica con un Workshop sull’emergenza
climatica, in cui i partecipanti potranno vivere in prima persona cosa vuol dire essere attivisti per il clima.

Qui il programma completo e il link di registrazione.