seminari corsi meteorologia

Il prossimo Giovedì 19 ottobre 2023 alle ore 14:30, all’interno della serie dei seminari di meteorologia ambientale dell’Università di Trento la Dott.ssa Valentina Pavan dell’ Hydro-meteo-climatological Service, Environmental Agency of Emilia-Romagna Region (Arpae-Simc) terrà il seminario dal titolo: Sub-seasonal ensemble irrigation predictions in Emilia-Romagna. L’evento potrà essere seguito in presenza presso la Lecture Room 1P (1st floor) – DICAM dell’University di Trento in Via Mesiano, 77 (Trento), sia online accedendo al seguente link di Zoom:
(Meeting ID: 884 8962 3830, Passcode: 111582)

Vi lasciamo un abstract del seminario e la biografia della Dott.ssa V. Pavan.

Within the project "Highlander", Arpae Simc set up an operational climate service addressed to support irrigation water management in agriculture, by providing mid-term information between probabilistic seasonal forecasts and short-term view of deterministic  +7-day forecasts.
The product take as input the sub-seasonal (+4 weeks) forecasts operationally produced, interpolated over Emilia Romagna at 5 km resolution and calibrated using the EcPoint technique by ECMWF, together with information on agricultural land use from satellite data, soil map and observed weather data from Arpae Simc. All these data are taken as inputs of the agro-hydrological model CRITERIA-1D (, computing the crop development and crop water needs.
The sub-seasonal irrigation forecasts are operationally produced since 2021 for three Land Reclamation and Irrigation Boards (Consorzi di Bonifica in Italian), which are the authorities in charge of water management for agriculture (water storage, transportation and distribution): the Burana, Renana and Romagna Irrigation Consortia. Operational output data are +4 weeks irrigation and precipitation forecasts expressed as a statistical distribution. The results obtained validating irrigation probabilistic forecasts for summer 2022 against observed water use in a group of farms are described and analysed.

Valentina Pavan has been working at Arpae-Simc as climatologist since 2001 and since 2021 contributes to the technical coordination of the Arpae Climate Observatory of Emilia-Romagna. Among her duties are the description of climate and climate variability, both at reagional and national level, the contribution to development of objective analyses of surface meteorological parameters both at regional and at super-regional level. She is also an expert of seasonal predictions and contributes  to the Technical Working Group on monthly and seasonal predictions coordinated by the National CIvil Protection Department. She gained her laurea at the Physics department of Bologna University in 1988 and a PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Princeton University (USA) in 1993.