seminari corsi meteorologia

Per la serie di seminari in meteorologia ambientale dell’Università di Trento, giovedì 16 maggio 2024 alle ore 14:30, David MacTaggart, dell’Università di Glasgow, terrà un seminario dal titolo: Modelling turbulence – from terrestrial to space weather.

Il seminario si terrà in presenza nell’aula 1P (primo piano) del DICAM – Università di Trento, in via Masiano 77, e sarà possibile seguirlo in streaming su Zoom attraverso il seguente link: 

Meeting ID: 828 3531 9112

Passcode: 138671

Turbulence remains one of the fundamental problems of classical physics.
It has been much studied in the context of the atmosphere and the
oceans, but its importance also extends into space. In particular, we
cannot ignore the effects of turbulence on space weather, which has
important consequences for space travel, artificial satellites and
transport and communication systems on the Earth. Despite the
differences in environments, there are many similarities between
turbulence modelling in the atmosphere and in space weather. In this
talk, I will give a brief introduction to some modelling approaches,
highlighting their pros and cons. I will also present an example of such
modelling from an application related to space weather.

Dr MacTaggart is a senior lecturer in applied mathematics at the
University of Glasgow, Scotland. His main research interests lie in
magnetohydrodynamics, with applications to solar physics and space
weather (