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Il consueto seminario della serie Environmental Meteorology Seminar, dell’Università di Trento, sarà tenuto dal prof M. Miglietta (CNR-ISAC) e avrà come titolo: “Toward the definition of ‘Medicane'”.

Si terrà il 9 marzo 2023, alle ore 14.30, in presenza e da remoto.

In presenza nella Lecture Room 1P, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (DICAM), Università di Trento, Via Mesiano 77, 38123 Trento (Italy)

Per partecipare da remoto via Zoom collegarsi al link:

(Meeting ID: 812 5906 0823, Passcode: 317933)

As part of the EU COST Action on Mediterranean cyclones, an initiative was launched aimed at defining “Medicane”, a portmanteau for Mediterranean hurricane. In the literature, the term Medicane has been
adopted in different ways, depending on the purpose of the study and the instrument adopted for the analysis. Although there is still no consensus on the definition, Medicanes are generally considered to be
baroclinic cyclones that evolve into vortices with structural characteristics similar to tropical cyclones, i.e., axisymmetric, deep warm core with a windless center surrounded by strong winds. The synergy between baroclinic instability and diabatic processes is fundamental for the intensification of Medicanes.
While up to now the term Medicane has been used for both cyclones with tropical characteristics and for weaker subtropical cyclones, a certain consensus has been reached in considering the latter category as separate, considering the different characteristics of the two groups of cyclones.