Due posizioni di assistente pre-doc presso l’Università di Vienna

The University of Vienna is offering two PhD (pre-doc) positions at the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics. Both positions are in the framework of the Vienna Network for Atmospheric Research (VINAR), a collaboration between the University of Vienna and the Austrian National Weather Service (ZAMG). 

One position, embedded in the group of Martin Weissmann (martin.weissmann@univie.ac.at), will be on the topic of data assimilation for numerical weather prediction. The student will test a new ensemble-variational scheme in a convection-permitting model setup and develop improved approaches for the localization of horizontal and vertical ensemble-based covariance estimates. 

The other position, embedded in the group of Andreas Stohl (andreas.stohl@univie.ac.at), will be on the topic of inverse modelling of greenhouse gases (GHG). The student will prepare the inversion scheme FLEXINVERT for the upcoming massive increase of satellite remote sensing data on GHGs (CO2, CH4) and determine GHG fluxes at high resolution, thus weisspreparing for a future emission verification regime. Further information on the positions and how to apply can be found here: